Disturbing photos In Asian History

18 Oct 2017 11:11 AM

Disclaimer: The following images are too disturbing. Though the question demands disturbing images of World history, many people have commented below that they have lost their sleep. Some people have even lost their will to live and also those who have exams should refrain from reading my answer. When I posted these images, I didn’t know that people weren’t aware of the horrifying past of the world. It is a huge warning, these images are far too disturbing for a sane mind. Read at your risk!

  1. Jalianwala bagh, infamously called The Amritsar Massacre. This is the well where many women along with their children jumped to give away their lives. This was the only place where General Dyre’s bullets couldn’t touch them.

2. Bengal Famine. The induced famine on Bengal, India by British who were more interested in feeding the British soldiers for their wars rather than those poor farmers who grew them!

3. An impaled woman, Nanking Massacre

The Nanking Massacre is the most horrifying incidence of human history. It occurred during the Second Sino-Japanese War for a long period of six weeks starting from December 13, 1937. Nanking was the then capital of China which was plundered by the Japanese Imperial Army. The massacre included mass rapes and mass murders. The Chinese army fled away and Nanking came in the hands of Japanese who would enter the houses of commoners in packs. They would torturosly beat the men (including old men) and would gang rape all their women (including children, widows, married women, old women and even pregnant women). They would then murder all the family members and dispose off their bodies outside.

4. some more images of Nanking massacre

5. Permanent Shadows…Hiroshima bombing aftermath

The people who die in a nuclear attack, leave their ‘shadows’ behind.

Nuclear bombs emit powerful radiations which can capture images. The people who got evaporated within a nano-second of the explosion, their shadows were imprinted on the walls, thanks to those harmful radiations.

6. Bangladesh genocide 1971, mass killing of Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) civilians by West Pakistan Army, leading to the separation of the two and formation of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan before 1971. It was called “East Pakistan”. However the government of Pakistan was heavily oppressed by West Pakistan (The now Pakistan). There was no democracy and often West would overlook the problems of the east. The entire budget (made by the tax-payers’ money) was utilized only in the development of West Pakistan. This led a great social drama and the east Pakistan which had substantially 10 times more population, economy and manpower than West Pakistan, they demanded for their basic rights. They demanded to have their representative as the President, their capital (Dhaka) as the national capital and their language Bengali as the national language (over Urdu). Not only these demands were sensible but also after the Pakistani general elections of that year the Bengalis won with sheer majority.

However right before the oath taking ceremony, the Bengali leader Mujheeboor Rehman was kidnapped by West Pakistan. Armed Forces were deployed and they were sent to kill all the Bengalis. Thus they came down to East Pakistan for mass killing, mass murder, mass rape of their own poeple. From March 1971 to December 1971 approx 30,00,000 people were killed. Mass rapes and tortures against women led them to run away from their country and settle in India as refugees. This genocide was ultimately stopped by Indian intervention and the 13 days epic India-Pakistan war of 1971 which led to the independence of Bangladesh.

7. The self-immolating monk, Vietnam. The monk burnt himself as a protest against the government for the rights of Buddhists.

Thich Quang Duc, a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist Monk burnt himself as a protest against the persecution of Buddhist by the South Vietnamese government. On June 11, 1963, he conducted the act of self immolation at a busy Saigon road intersection.

8. Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Bhopal gas Tragedy took place on a calm night of 2nd-3rd December 1984 when the life taking chemical Methyl Isocynate III (MIC) leaked out of the chemical factory of Union Carbide, in a highly populated capital city of Madya Pradesh, India. The people were not aware of what air they were breathing and most of them perished within their sleep. Those innocent children, did they know before going to bed that this would be their last night?

9. Sri Lankan civil war

(To be honest, I don’t have words for these grisly photos)

Sri Lanka has now a history of killing their native Tamilians. This family was burnt down just for being Tamil.

10. A Middle-east Holocaust, ISIS executions

Middle east is the most war torn area of the world. Killing people in the name of God is the worst form of human atrocity. If God asks you to kill people, that is not God. That’s the devil which has deceived you!

11. The Child

Alan Kurdi, the 2-year baby boy (who wouldn’t even know how to talk) was found lying on the beach, dead. His family had tried to move out of their war-torn country when they all (except his father) perished by drowning in the sea. May be mother nature had better thoughts. She embraced them all with her calm waters…

If people still don’t realize what war brings… Soon the entire humanity would be washed ashore…